CMA Insurance Program Group Long Term Disability Insurance

As a highly trained medical provider, your livelihood requires full use of your body and mind. You may also earn a substantial income and have significant expenses like mortgages, student loans, retirement savings and more. If you were unable to work as a medical provider and earn your current salary, your life would be greatly [...]

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Claim Risks Medical Providers May Face

There are many situations in your personal and professional life in which insurance can be helpful. Common claim risks medical providers may face include: Critical injury or disability Untimely or unexpected death Professional errors While all these situations may not occur in your life, the odds of them occurring and the financial burden they can [...]

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CMA Insurance Program Life Insurance Options

Through your dedication to patient care, you have built a successful practice and are able to provide for your family. There are many financial tools people use to protect themselves, their businesses and their loved ones, such as saving an emergency fund, managing debt, planning for retirement or investing. Like disability insurance may be important [...]

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Common Cyber Attacks Threatening Medical Providers

Medical practices have a high risk of cyber attacks. Because practices collect personally identifiable information from patients, including minors, medical providers have one of the highest risk databases. This information can include social security numbers, birth dates, health records, addresses, payment information and more. Consider these statistics: More than 385 million patient records have been [...]

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Building a Risk Management Program

As a medical professional, you know things don't always go according to plan. The medical industry always involves some amount of risk. Discover how building a successful risk management program for your practice helps manage risk, better protects your employees and patients from harm and shields your business from associated costs. Fundamentals of Your Risk [...]

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Preventing Four Common Employment Practices Claims

Employment practices refers to the part of your business that deals with hiring, firing and everyday workplace interactions. Employment practices liability claims alleging workplace discrimination or sexual harassment are increasingly common. To protect your business, it’s important to understand the different types of employment practices claims. Here is a deeper dive into four common employment [...]

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CMA Insurance Program 101 — Claims, Coverage and Everything You Need to Know About Our Insurance

Insurance can be complicated and time-consuming. Despite the anxiety insurance can cause, it is crucial to protect your career, practice and income. The CMA Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity, helps reduce the complexity surrounding insurance. Not only did Lockton Affinity and the CMA work together to improve the program, we continue to evaluate it [...]

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Why CMA Selects Lockton Affinity for Member Insurance Coverage

The California Medical Association selected Lockton Affinity to administer the CMA Insurance Program. Founded in 1987 by Lockton Companies, Lockton Affinity has become one of the nation’s leading insurance program administrators, building lasting insurance programs for member organizations like the California Medical Association. Read on to learn why CMA selects Lockton Affinity for member insurance [...]

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