As a highly trained medical provider, your livelihood requires full use of your body and mind. You may also earn a substantial income and have significant expenses like mortgages, student loans, retirement savings and more.

If you were unable to work as a medical provider and earn your current salary, your life would be greatly affected. Could you pay your mortgage, bills and loans? Would your plans for college funds and retirement change?

Should you experience a disability and become unable to work as a medical provider, Group Long Term Disability insurance may be crucial in protecting your income and livelihood.

 CMA Insurance Program Group Long Term Disability Insurance

Beyond offering financial support should you experience a disability and are unable to work as a medical provider, Group Long Term Disability insurance from the CMA Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity and underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, includes many benefits:

  • Broad eligibility for those under 60 years of age who work full-time and reside in the U.S.
  • Group rates with benefit options to fit your needs, from $500 to $10,000 per month
  • Tax-free benefit payments that can be used however you choose
  • Waiting period options of 90, 120 or 180 days

This policy also offers several additional benefit options for an extra premium cost, including:

  • Cost of living benefit to keep pace with inflation
  • Catastrophic benefit to provide another layer of protection for severe disabilities
  • Recovery benefit that provides a lump sum payment upon your return to full-time work
  • Rehabilitation benefit to help disabled individuals return to work

Group Long Term Disability Insurance FAQs

  • What is the difference between short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance?

Short-term disability insurance helps replace your income if you’re unable to work for a short period of time. This coverage can last from three months to one year, depending on the policy.

Long-term disability insurance replaces your income for years or even decades.

  • What is the difference between group disability insurance and individual disability insurance?

Typically, group disability coverages are sponsored through an employer as a benefit. As a CMA member, you have access to Group Long Term Disability insurance through the CMA Insurance Program as supplemental insurance coverage. Because this group policy is tied to your CMA membership, it is portable coverage and will stay with you, even if you switch jobs.

Additionally, because coverage through the CMA Insurance Program offers benefits to all eligible members, this policy may have fewer coverage restrictions on pre-existing conditions than individual policies. It may also be more flexible.

  • How much coverage do I need as a medical provider?

As a rule of thumb, disability insurance should cover up to 60% of your average monthly income. As your income increases over time, you may want your monthly benefit amount to increase, too.

  • What is a waiting period?

A waiting period is the number of consecutive days you must be totally disabled by illness or injury before benefits begin. Often, coverage with a longer waiting period is less expensive.

CMA Insurance Program Support

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